3rd week back at school by Sophie

On Monday as soon as we got in to school we had p.e we did football after that topic for topic forest posters we all got the choice of what type of forest we want to do my group the bamboo forest. Then we had playtime and after playtime we had maths for we did data and analysis.

On Tuesday we had to finish our posters that we started on Monday. Once we finished the posters we had maths we did addition and subtraction for maths after lunch we had a vote on the best poster our group won yay.

On Wednesday we had literacy and maths also Eddie cashed in for a game he choose dodge ball tag we were all very tired after that.

On Thursday we did some descriptive writing and then we did some maths.  After maths we had p.e for p.e we did hockey.

Today we have done some addition and subtraction maths and then we did our basic  facts well done to everyone who passed now we are doing homework share and then we are going to have golden time yay.


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