Blog Post by Mara

We had a very fun and interesting week (with the P7s at high school for transition) with lots of exciting activities and busy projects.

On Monday we welcomed Mr. Cain back from Lagganlia. The P7s had a very good time! We also practised our Leavers’ Assembly performance and started making props for the P7s’ one. We can’t tell you any more than that!

On Tuesday some pupils had dance exams during school time so came in late, but they didn’t miss the brilliant poly tunnel session in the afternoon! Lynne brought in a (empty) man-made bee hive to show us how they do beekeeping, which was very interesting, but the honey that was still in the hive meant that many wild bees were attracted by the smell, so swarmed around the hive! She also brought in a very interesting live bee-filled observatory hive. It was a wooden box with two glass sides, and two beeswax bases for the bees to lay their eggs and make honey on. We also made bug hotels out of natural materials.

On Wednesday we had tennis for PE in the afternoon which was fun. Before that, we spent a long time working on the P7s’ mysterious props, too.

On Thursday, we had our parent’s open evening, which we had to prepare our Digital Profiles for, and sort out our past artwork. We also did even more on the Leavers’ Assembly.

Today is Friday. So far we have worked on the Leavers’ Assembly props (again!) and we are very looking forward to a well earned Golden time later! What a tiring week!


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