Week 5 Blog by Ruaridh and Harry

On Monday morning we did P.E which was standing long jump. Aaron came first for the boys and Eleanor for the girls. Aaron was the overall winner with a huge 87cm.

On Monday afternoon we did P.E again and that was triple jump and running. Some great lengths from all in the class for triple jump.

After P.E we did reading and the Green group have started a new book called Wonder.

On Tuesday morning we did some more work on our High Five topic and we learned that most adverts are for unhealthy things like Chocolate, Crisps and coca cola.

Then after topic we did Maths and some good progress from all the groups our current maths topic is Measurement.

On Wednesday p7s had a visit from the high school and 2 S6s, they talked to us about what high school is like and we asked some questions about the canteen, the teachers and some other stuff.

We also did our every day things like Maths and Reading.

Thursday was a difficult day because we had a writing assessment and for the P7’s it was their last writing assessment in primary school. For the P7’s they had a choice about writing about their time at the school or their time though the pandemic and the P6’s only wrote about the pandemic.

Week 4 blog by Chloe and Josie

Monday: On Monday we did P.E with Mrs Nicol and did high jump and sprinting competitions. And Fractions math and reading.

Tuesday: We started creating healthy cereal and watching cereal adverts. And maths and reading again.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we finished off our cereal boxes and did some topic maths.

Thursday: On Thursday we did P.E with Mr Cain, we played capture the flag. And we started writing a cereal advert.

Friday: we’ve done Mandarin and made Chinese dresses. And had basic facts and a spelling test.

Some of our Chinese dresses

Week Review 19.04.21 – 23.04.21

This week we came back after a two week Easter holiday. On Monday we started athletics for P.E. in the morning and discus in the afternoon. We also started reading.

On Tuesday we started maths which was all about fractions. We learnt about our term topic which is about health and wellbeing.

On Wednesday, before break we did lots on speech punctuation, we used that for writing on Thursday. We also went outside in the afternoon to play capture the flag, it was really fun. Both teams won once.

For writing on Thursday we had to take a playscript and make it into a story. We had a choice of either Little Red Riding Hood or Jack and the Beanstalk. We had P.E. in the afternoon.

We had basic facts on Friday and we did one task of Numeracy.

By Heidi and Eleanor

2nd Week Back After 9 weeks Of Home Learning

On Monday we started doing some spring art inspired by Romero Britto. Twelve of us worked on a big spring mural and the other 9 did their own Romero Britto work. In the morning we also did P.E . We do P.E at the end of the day as well and in P.E we did skipping.

On Tuesday we started doing maths again and we had 4 fractions tasks to do. We did some reading and continued with our Romero Britto art and at the end of the day we played capture the flag.

On Wednesday we continued with our Romero Britto art and did reading and at the end of the day we played a fun game of rounders.

At the start of the day on Thursday we broke up into groups and did our fractions. After break we played a team kahoot about apostrophes for V.C.O.P.

On Friday we all finished our big mural and did our basic facts. Then we did our spelling tests and at the end of the day we had golden time.

By Eilidh and Chloe

The First Days Of December

For the last week in November we learnt all about three festivals – St Andrew’s Day, Guru Nanak Gurpurab and Thanksgiving. We made comic strips to show the stories of these festivals and also performed some freeze-frame drama scenes to show parts of the stories.

Last Tuesday was first of December and the start of Advent! We learnt all about the traditions of Advent and we made an Advent calendar. We all drew a picture to fill the doors of the calendar. It is shaped like a tree and has sweets in every door!

After that we have had a busy few days in p6/7 like on Wednesday and Thursday we did a key assessment task. Today we had a Christmas jumper day.

by Freya and Isla

Term 2 Week 3 – Poems, Poppies and Pandas

On Tuesday we learnt about Diwali and we made some lanterns. On Wednesday we finished our maths topic on symmetry, also on Wednesday we learnt about remembrance day and why we should remember. On Thursday we did some poems to remember all the people that died in the war, most of them were about poppies. Today in Mandarin we were using ink to draw pandas and bamboo.

By Ceitidh and Harry

Playing with Fire!

By Erin-Louise

On Monday Marnie and I went on a walk around the bike tracks, while Eve was at brownies. We found some big dry sticks and a pine sap tree. We started popping the sap bubbles on the tree with our sticks until the end was covered in it. Then Annette lit my stick with a lighter, once mine was going, Marnie and I put our sticks together, so we had fire on both sticks. Then my mum and Annette both got a stick each and did the same thing. When they had theirs going we all put our sticks together to make the fire even bigger. Rosie just sat there and watched  with a confused look on her face. My fire stick lasted for what felt like ages. It turned to white ash and the smoke smelt really nice.
We found out that pine sap is an antiseptic for the tree in helping it heal wounds and keep healthy, by keeping bugs out.  We also found out that it a good antiseptic for our wounds too, but best of all we found out it is highly flammable.  
Mum and Annette said we shouldn’t do this without an adult and what we would do if we accidentally started a fire. Marnie said she would run and Annette said she’d run and phone. I said I’d run down the hill and get water from the river.  Mum said sand is good to put it out and damp soil . It helps to stamp on small embers that drop.  As fire requires oxygen, heat and fuel and if you take one of those elements away it will die.  
If you ever try doing sap fires make sure you use a nice long dry stick. When fire is lit don’t point it at others or wave it around on your stick. You need to be really careful.  Make sure you are facing the way that that the breeze is blowing the fire away from you. Don’t touch any other sap tree with it as sap is very flammable! Don’t chuck away your stick even if you think the fire is out because it will still be hot and could catch fire as the breeze blows. It is best to stick it in water , sand or mud. 
Remember don’t play with fire kids!! 

Term 3 Week 9

On Wednesday some of the pupils went skiing and snowboarding but sadly i didn’t but i know they all had lots of fun. while they were skiing the rest of us stayed at school and had lots of fun with miss V. we got these really cool bowls and we got a wood stick and rolled it around the bowl and it made a noise but then we put water in the bowl and it vibrated and made ripples in the water!

On Wednesday as well we had these people called Robby and Lucy come in and they did a series of stretches and we also lifted a big log together with no talking, it was really fun we are hoping to film a movie soon! (the movie is called forest village)

On Thursday we did writing and we wrote a news paper report on either skiing or the forest village project. I did the forest village because i did not do skiing. it was really cool to do.

By Imogen

Review of the Week by Isla and Gregor

On Wednesday some of the pupils participated in the SSA ski race on Cairngorm. And the other pupils participated in the forest village workshop with Robbie and Lucy.

On Thursday we had gymnastics with Mrs Nicol and we had to come up with a sequence.

On Friday we had Mandarin with Mrs Wang. We did Chinese art which was great fun.



by Isla and Gregor

Finlay’s Smoothie

What you will need.

  • Blender
  • 2 bananas
  • 500 ml of milk
  •  Vanilla ice cream
  • Mango

How To make it.

  1. Cut the bananas into chunks
  2. Cut up mango
  3. Pour the milk into blender
  4. Put the bananas and mango into the blender
  5. Put 6 small scoops of ice cream into the blender
  6. Mix for 10 seconds
  7. Smooth for 10 seconds
  8.  Then enjoy