Blog Post by Mara

We had a very fun and interesting week (with the P7s at high school for transition) with lots of exciting activities and busy projects.

On Monday we welcomed Mr. Cain back from Lagganlia. The P7s had a very good time! We also practised our Leavers’ Assembly performance and started making props for the P7s’ one. We can’t tell you any more than that!

On Tuesday some pupils had dance exams during school time so came in late, but they didn’t miss the brilliant poly tunnel session in the afternoon! Lynne brought in a (empty) man-made bee hive to show us how they do beekeeping, which was very interesting, but the honey that was still in the hive meant that many wild bees were attracted by the smell, so swarmed around the hive! She also brought in a very interesting live bee-filled observatory hive. It was a wooden box with two glass sides, and two beeswax bases for the bees to lay their eggs and make honey on. We also made bug hotels out of natural materials.

On Wednesday we had tennis for PE in the afternoon which was fun. Before that, we spent a long time working on the P7s’ mysterious props, too.

On Thursday, we had our parent’s open evening, which we had to prepare our Digital Profiles for, and sort out our past artwork. We also did even more on the Leavers’ Assembly.

Today is Friday. So far we have worked on the Leavers’ Assembly props (again!) and we are very looking forward to a well earned Golden time later! What a tiring week!


Lagganlia Day 2 – Gorge Walking and….. More Gorge Walking!

Another great day here at Lagganlia! This morning P7 put on wetsuits and headed into the River Feshie for some gorge walking. This included some super-high jumps into the water, which everyone managed to do!

The afternoon activity was going to be snowboarding but the kids asked to do more gorge-walking so we donned our teletubby suits and headed up to the waterfalls at Auchlean where we climbed, splashed, slid and generally had lots of fun. Tonight we have some drumming to look forward to!

Brass Performance

Yesterday we were treated to a performance by three of our pupils who have been receiving brass tuition. It was great to see how much they have progressed since the last time they played to the class. Head over to Google Classroom to see a video of their performance!

Polytunnel Update by Jessie and Orlagh

This week we learned how to make Bamboo gates to keep the Roe deer out of the Sweetpea and Sunflower row. We learnt how to measure accurately, how to brace the rectangle and how to make firm joints that will stay strong when in use. We also celebrated success in the visit to the Botanical gardens and discussed the subject of coffee.

We examined the coffee plant seedlings, smelled the beans and the fresh ground coffee. We tasted black coffee, white coffee [decaffeinated] and iced coffee.

 Lynne showed us how to make a cafetiere of coffee and we all discussed the different strengths of flavour in the different ways of drinking coffee. We also ate homemade coffee sponge cakes. Then We discussed going to the supermarket and looking at all the different types of packets of coffee and where it is grown. After that, we discussed how our tastes change over time and that even if we sometimes don’t like a taste of something one day, we may like it later in time.

We also learnt how to line car tyres with recycled polythene to enable us to grow carrots in them.

Our School Trip – by Aaron

Last week our class went on a school trip to the Botanic Garden and Wester Hardmuir (In Inverness and Nairn) on Wednesday with Lynne. We went there to learn about farming and growing for our topic Farm to Fork.

Our coach first arrived in the botanical gardens. Did you know that botanical means to do with plants? We went into the gardens and split into the two halves of the classroom. There were two bits: the polytunnels and the tropical Glasshouses. Our group went to the polytunnel part first. There were lots of different types of colourful plants. These plants were put in baskets and then sold to places all across Scotland! 

After the polytunnel we went to see bug hotels. There were eleven in total; the biggest one was humongous! Once we were done looking at the bug hotels we had a look at the cactuses in the first half of the tropical Glasshouses. There were loads of different cactuses (some with very complicated names). We then went to the second half of the glasshouse where we saw lots of exotic plants including coffee beans, banana trees and Venus fly traps. There were also fish that we got to feed. It was very fun (One of the fish was 30 years old!). As soon as we were done looking at the carnivorous plants we met up with the other group.

We got onto the coach and went to Hardmuir fruit farm where we had lunch and played on some trampolines. After we had had lunch we met the people who owned the farm. They were called Sylvia and James. The first thing we did was take a walk through the fruit farm. There were fruits like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peaches, gooseberry, apples and blackberry. Walking back to where the coach was, we passed some apples that were there growing. Thankfully we had Ice cream which I have never eaten; ice cream that has just been made from fresh things. 

by Aaron

Trip Photos

Here are some pictures from our fantastic trip today to the Inverness Botanic Gardens and Wester Hardmuir fruit farm. A huge thanks to Lynne and the other adult helpers who made today possible. A full report by the pupils will follow!

Our Week by Chloe and Josie

On Monday we had P.E and then straight after we had Mandarin, and we also had a new pupil in our class.

On Tuesday afternoon we went out to the Polytunnel and did some planting while some of us painted some planters and others dug over a flowerbed and added compost.

On Thursday we did Writing and in the afternoon we went out with Robbie to do some movement work, and then we had shinty with Bob.

On Friday we finished our writing then did basic facts and spelling and Golden time.