Osprey Centre Photos

Here are some pictures from P6/7’s fantastic trip to the Osprey Centre yesterday.  Despite the freezing temperatures everyone had a great time, and you can find out more in Rosie and Eddie’s report which should be ready tomorrow!

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Reminder of Trip to Osprey Centre Tomorrow

Just a reminder that P6/7 pupils will need to bring WARM and waterproof clothing for our trip to the Osprey Centre tomorrow.  We will be spending a good part of the day outdoors in what look likely to be very cold temperatures, so it is essential that everyone is wrapped up warmly.  Remember to bring a packed lunch too!


Model Cars Competition Review

On Tuesday we had some competitions for our model cars. First we had a speed test.  For the speed test  your car goes the length of the hall and it gets timed. Rocco came first,  Finlay came second and Willow came third.

The next test was the straight line test this is where you try to make your car go as straight as it can. Rocco, Imogen, Linnea and Emila came joint first.

Next we did the rough ground test this is where you try to get your car moving on the rug. Finlay came first, Gregor came second and third was Willow.

After that we did the hill climb where you try to get your car to go up a hill. Willow came first, Abbie came second and Eddie and Rosie came joint third.

Then we did the weight pull which is where you have to try and make your car pull a pot. Finlay came first, Willow came second and Imogen and Linnea came third.

Lastly we did the appearance test this is where you chose who’s car  looked the best. Willow came first, Abbie came Second and Dasiy and Emily came Third.

Finally the overall placements: Willow came first overall then it was Imogen and Linnea came second then Finlay came third.  Well done!

By Sophie



Review of the Week by Rocco and Finlay

On Monday first we were learning Scots after that we tried to all finish our electric model cars. At the end of the day we had PE and we played volleyball.

On Tuesday we finished our cars and started testing them. We finished testing on Wednesday after testing we showed p1-3  then we played ukulele and we started learning happy birthday and miss jack came and helped us. At the end of the day we had PE we did gymnastics.

On Thursday we made are own Scots poem, a lot of us found it very hard, and we learned about robert burns. After that we did a review of making our cars. On friday we had basic facts and spelling tests then we had maths then homework review and golden time then assembly.

Spelling Homework

Our computer systems are finally back up and running, so this week’s spelling words have been shared to all P6/7 pupils’ Google Drives.

P6/7,  please access the spelling lists on your Chromebooks.  If you haven’t taken your chromebook home tonight, I’ve uploaded the spelling lists to the Homework page on the blog too.

2 weeks back

On Monday we all had Mandarin and we also did reading maths  and p.e. We also had worked on our model cars.

on Tuesday we maths reading worked a lot on our cars  we also played sumdog.

on Wednesday we played a game,then worked on our model cars and then we had p.e we did some real cool balances.

On Thursday we did  maths, reading and then worked more on our cars they are real good now and most of them work.

On Friday we did spelling, basic facts, then we did multiplication/division, then we shared our home work and then golden time.