This week

In Maths this week we finished doing money and started doing shape and naming 3D and 2D shapes.

In reading my group is reading a book called Red Fever and I like it a lot while we have also been reading our class novel Demon Dentist.

For topic we have been learning about the human body and the respiratory system and we did a non chronological report about it. We also learnt about all the different organs and what they do.

By Daisy and Jadon


Rats and Chopsticks!

Yesterday in Mandarin with Mrs Wang, P6/7 were learning all about Chinese New Year.  This year is the year of the rat, so we made some little cut-out rats and decorated them.  We also learnt how to use chopsticks correctly which is quite difficult, but we will need to master it as next time we will hopefully be cooking some traditional Chinese food!

Golf with Rona Smith

Today, P6/7 enjoyed our latest golf session with Rona and June from Abernethy Golf Club.  Rona and June were very impressed with how much the children had improved their skills from the last session.  We are now looking forward to our next visit from Rona and June next month.

Reflection on the week

On Monday we made banners for our new table groups and did P.E.  On Tuesday we did maths and reading, and we said what we want to know about the human body and what we already know. On Wednesday we worked out where the different organs in the body are and what they do. On Thursday we did writing about our thoughts on Nethy Bridge and for P.E we did gymnastics. On Friday we had assembly and golden time. Finlay’s  favourite thing we did this week was maths, and Millie’s favourite thing was writing on the blog.

By Millie and Finlay

Merry Christmas!!

Merry christmas1

Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas and a great New Year.  Many thanks as always for all the lovely Christmas cards and gifts.  Have a very well-earned break, and we’ll see you all back on Monday 6th January.

Mr Cain

The Last Week of School by Emily

All Abernethy  pupils are very excited for the up coming Christmas holidays. This week we have had Two Christmas parties and one amazing movie.

On Monday we had a maths lesson but nothing too hard since it’s the last week of school. After school we had the Christmas show. The Christmas show went amazingly.

On Tuesday I had a violin lesson I learn’t how to play some Christmas carols. In the afternoon we had P6/7 had their Christmas party. It was really fun we had lots of fun party games and yummy food. After the food we went back to party I won the game of musical statues.

On Wednesday my class(P6/7) had a bake sale to finish up our enterprise project. We raised £45.10 Mr Cain made some amazing mini Christmas puddings.  We also had a visit from some Aviemore Primary school pupils to talk about their Rights Respecting Schools work.

On Thursday we added up all our money form the Christmas craft and the bake sale (on Wednesday) in total we made £99.42.

Thank you for reading my blog post on the last week of school

By Emily

Some photos of our Bake Sale



Our visitors from Aviemore Primary