Mountain Biking by Finlay

On Sunday 15th September I went mountain biking with Wolf Packs to the Red Rock trails on the Black Isle. My brother Olly came too. 

It took over an hour to get there so we had an early start. Dad ran us there and he put the bikes on the new roof rack. Some of the trails were hard and some were easy. It was a steep climb up the hill but then we could roll down very fast.

About lunch time Gran and Grandpa came and I had lunch in their motorhome. I was very tired and had a red face. Unfortunately my instructor said I couldn’t go on my bike in the afternoon because my brakes broke.

I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next event on Sunday at Laggan. I hope my bike will be fine this time!



P6 at Lagganlia

It sounds like P6 have had a fantastic time at Lagganlia enjoying all sorts of exciting activities. Here are a few pics to give a taste of what they’ve been up to…..

Our School Week by Daisy

On Monday we had P.E in the morning,  maths until lunch and reading in the afternoon.

On Tuesday we did  splattery paintings of trees and it got very messy, we did maths until lunch again and afterwards we had reading and hurricane half hour.

On Wednesday  the P6s went away to Lagganlia and a lady came in to tell the p7s about volunteering, so now we are going to be running a Dance Club and a Lego Club, and we had maths and reading again.

On Thursday we did shaded drawing which turned out really nice, we also did a lot on our Chromebooks and using connectives and  up levelling  writing .

This Friday we had assembly and Ellie and Eddie got certificates. We also did our basic facts and not many people passed. We also played rounders and it was a tie. We also had golden time and homework share.


Sentence Up-levelling

This morning P7 were learning to ‘up-level’ sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs and extra information to make them more interesting.  Here are some of the sentences we up-levelled:


Original sentence: ‘A policeman arrived.’

A jolly policeman arrived mysteriously.

An angry policeman stormed loudly through the station.

An angry policeman stormed around the station quickly, waiting for the suspect to come.


Original sentence: ‘A light flashed.’

A bright light flashed quickly.

A blinding beam of light flashed violently through the misty trees. 

A huge white light flashed fiercely in the forest, warding off strangers.


Original sentence: ‘A man shouted.’

A strange man screamed vigorously.  

A strange man yelled loudly as he fell over.

A strange man shouted loudly as he fell on his face, while getting struck by lightning!   


Original sentence: ‘A lion roared.’

The fierce lion roared ferociously.

The gargantuan lion roared ferociously while scoffing his scrumptious prey.

A scary lion roared fiercely in the plains of Africa, to frighten off tourists.  

3rd week back at school by Sophie

On Monday as soon as we got in to school we had p.e we did football after that topic for topic forest posters we all got the choice of what type of forest we want to do my group the bamboo forest. Then we had playtime and after playtime we had maths for we did data and analysis.

On Tuesday we had to finish our posters that we started on Monday. Once we finished the posters we had maths we did addition and subtraction for maths after lunch we had a vote on the best poster our group won yay.

On Wednesday we had literacy and maths also Eddie cashed in for a game he choose dodge ball tag we were all very tired after that.

On Thursday we did some descriptive writing and then we did some maths.  After maths we had p.e for p.e we did hockey.

Today we have done some addition and subtraction maths and then we did our basic  facts well done to everyone who passed now we are doing homework share and then we are going to have golden time yay.

Nature Poetry

P6/7 have been enjoying a lovely morning doing some outdoor literacy work. First we were plant explorers, using adjectives to come up with new names for different plants and trees. Then the pupils worked together to create some beautiful sensory nature poems.