Golf Sixes League

What is the Golf Sixes League?

The Golf Sixes League is a fun team-based competition, designed to give young golfers an early experience of playing for their club.

When did it take place?

The Golf Sixes League took place over the summer holidays and six weeks back at school.

Where did it take place?

The first match was at Inverness Kings Golf Club. The second match took place at Nairn Golf Club. The third match took place at Abernethy Golf Club in Nethy Bridge. The fourth and final match was at Boat of Garten Golf Club.

My favourite course was Nairn because I played the best and I really liked the look of it, and it has its own course dedicated to children.

After the four matches the league positions were:

  1. Nairn
  2. Inverness Kings
  3. Abernethy
  4. Boat of Garten

It was really fun and I hope we do it next year.



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