Polytunnel Update by Jessie and Orlagh

This week we learned how to make Bamboo gates to keep the Roe deer out of the Sweetpea and Sunflower row. We learnt how to measure accurately, how to brace the rectangle and how to make firm joints that will stay strong when in use. We also celebrated success in the visit to the Botanical gardens and discussed the subject of coffee.

We examined the coffee plant seedlings, smelled the beans and the fresh ground coffee. We tasted black coffee, white coffee [decaffeinated] and iced coffee.

 Lynne showed us how to make a cafetiere of coffee and we all discussed the different strengths of flavour in the different ways of drinking coffee. We also ate homemade coffee sponge cakes. Then We discussed going to the supermarket and looking at all the different types of packets of coffee and where it is grown. After that, we discussed how our tastes change over time and that even if we sometimes don’t like a taste of something one day, we may like it later in time.

We also learnt how to line car tyres with recycled polythene to enable us to grow carrots in them.


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