The Polytunnel

This week we were in the Polytunnel and we planted potatoes using a hydroponic method. There were two buckets on top of each other, the bottom one with water and the top one with potatoes. The hydroponic method is when you get a bucket and put holes in the bucket to put capillary mating in them. We also planted peas in recycled gutters so it is easy to get the peas out. Lynne also showed us how to plant Gladioli corms in pots so when they’re older they will be planted in barrels. They also showed us how to transplant cuttings of geranium to sell at a stall later. Another thing we did was learn about cereal crops like wheat, barley and oats to understand the value of ploughing the land, harrowing, and sowing like farmers.

By Aaron and Adam


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