This Week by Chloe & Jessie

On Monday and Tuesday we presented our personal project presentations which was fun.

Then on Wednesday we had an assembly as a whole school, our first for 2 years. Rhona Smith came to talk about golf which was interesting and cool. 

On Thursday we had a class trip to a pop-up Newton Room in Kincraig for a Science Skills Academy. We took a bus from school to Kincraig community hall where we met a guy called Scott. First he had a presentation about salmon, then we played a game where we had to be baby salmon and grow up to survive. Then we had a snack and a break, and after that he had another presentation about fish food and we got to make our own fish pellets which was fun but very messy. Then we finished off with lunch and then a game. 

On Friday we had a visit from Emma about peatlands which was fun and very interesting. 


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