Week 6 Blog Post by Mara and Orlagh

On Monday we did PE, which was net games, Reading, and Topic Maths. Then on Tuesday we did more maths, more Reading, Tin Whistle with Charlie and some speech punctuation work. At Tin Whistle we played Jaws, and did a quiz. We did PE, schoolwork, more punctuation and some French on Wednesday. In French we were finding out the origins of French and English weekday names and in PE we did fitness. On Thursday, we were editing our stories for the Neil Gunn writing competition, and did a session with Robbie, Lucy and Sarah. The theme for the Neil Gunn competition was, ‘It is a terrible thing to be bursting with a secret you can’t tell,’ and with Robbie we were doing ‘call and response’ sequences. Today, Friday, we have done Basic Facts, finished editing our story and done spelling. We have also done Golden Time. It was a very eventful week!


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