Renewables Challenge

Over the last few weeks, P5-7 have been taking part in a Renewables STEM Challenge run by the Glasgow Science Centre. They learnt about different kinds of renewable energy, including how these work and why we need to use more renewable sources of energy, and also had great fun making working wind turbines. The final part of the challenge was to show how our school could generate and use renewable energy and the pupils decided to do this by building a model of the school.

Oran has written this explanation of our model:

Renewable Challenge Explanation

We have been learning about renewable energy that we could use at our school. We have made a model of the school to show what renewable energies we can use. It has wind turbines, hydro power and solar panels. Using renewable energy would make the school more Eco-friendly.

Wind turbines work from wind pushing the turbine around so we can make energy. We get lots of wind here so the turbine will make lots of energy.

Hydro power works because water goes through a turbine which makes energy. At Abernethy we already have a pond and a stream that we could use.

Solar power works by the sun shining onto the solar panels to make energy. This is better for the environment. At Abernethy we have long days in the summer so we would get lots of energy. 

By Oran


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