Blog by Josie and Chloe B

Here are some of the fun things we have been doing this week.

Monday: On Monday we did P.E where we were learning volleyball skills. We also did reading and maths.

Tuesday: First thing Tuesday morning we went outside and looked for symmetry and then came back in the classroom to have a video call for Mandarin. We also had reading.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we had a double Gaelic lesson and we learnt 2 songs in Gaelic. Mr Cain also taught us French and we learnt Mat ball in P.E.

Thursday: The first thing we did on Thursday was planning our writing and then writing the story that had to be about Halloween. We also did a tree house health and well being lesson and symmetry maths.

Friday: We had basic facts and our writing assessments and we also did spelling and sharing homework.

Here are some photos of symmetry that we found outside:


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