Garden Goodies

Today we were out in the garden where the pupils got the chance to taste some of the produce grown in the polytunnel. Fresh tomatoes, cucumber and sweetcorn went down a treat, as did the delicious home-made ratatouille made from tomatoes, courgettes, onions and garlic. After that there was bread and three different kinds of jam, and some very popular blackcurrant juice.

The pupils also harvested the potatoes planted by P4/5 last year, and weighed the crops from each tub to see which medium had been the best. The results will be used in our maths lessons this week to produce some bar graphs so we’ll try to share those when we’re done. The potatoes were the Pink Fur Apple variety so there were some very interesting-shaped tatties!

Finally the pupils got to pick some beautiful sweet-peas to take home, so hopefully you can enjoy these lovely bouquets!


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