Week 5 Blog by Ruaridh and Harry

On Monday morning we did P.E which was standing long jump. Aaron came first for the boys and Eleanor for the girls. Aaron was the overall winner with a huge 87cm.

On Monday afternoon we did P.E again and that was triple jump and running. Some great lengths from all in the class for triple jump.

After P.E we did reading and the Green group have started a new book called Wonder.

On Tuesday morning we did some more work on our High Five topic and we learned that most adverts are for unhealthy things like Chocolate, Crisps and coca cola.

Then after topic we did Maths and some good progress from all the groups our current maths topic is Measurement.

On Wednesday p7s had a visit from the high school and 2 S6s, they talked to us about what high school is like and we asked some questions about the canteen, the teachers and some other stuff.

We also did our every day things like Maths and Reading.

Thursday was a difficult day because we had a writing assessment and for the P7’s it was their last writing assessment in primary school. For the P7’s they had a choice about writing about their time at the school or their time though the pandemic and the P6’s only wrote about the pandemic.


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