Week Review 19.04.21 – 23.04.21

This week we came back after a two week Easter holiday. On Monday we started athletics for P.E. in the morning and discus in the afternoon. We also started reading.

On Tuesday we started maths which was all about fractions. We learnt about our term topic which is about health and wellbeing.

On Wednesday, before break we did lots on speech punctuation, we used that for writing on Thursday. We also went outside in the afternoon to play capture the flag, it was really fun. Both teams won once.

For writing on Thursday we had to take a playscript and make it into a story. We had a choice of either Little Red Riding Hood or Jack and the Beanstalk. We had P.E. in the afternoon.

We had basic facts on Friday and we did one task of Numeracy.

By Heidi and Eleanor


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