Playing with Fire!

By Erin-Louise

On Monday Marnie and I went on a walk around the bike tracks, while Eve was at brownies. We found some big dry sticks and a pine sap tree. We started popping the sap bubbles on the tree with our sticks until the end was covered in it. Then Annette lit my stick with a lighter, once mine was going, Marnie and I put our sticks together, so we had fire on both sticks. Then my mum and Annette both got a stick each and did the same thing. When they had theirs going we all put our sticks together to make the fire even bigger. Rosie just sat there and watched  with a confused look on her face. My fire stick lasted for what felt like ages. It turned to white ash and the smoke smelt really nice.
We found out that pine sap is an antiseptic for the tree in helping it heal wounds and keep healthy, by keeping bugs out.  We also found out that it a good antiseptic for our wounds too, but best of all we found out it is highly flammable.  
Mum and Annette said we shouldn’t do this without an adult and what we would do if we accidentally started a fire. Marnie said she would run and Annette said she’d run and phone. I said I’d run down the hill and get water from the river.  Mum said sand is good to put it out and damp soil . It helps to stamp on small embers that drop.  As fire requires oxygen, heat and fuel and if you take one of those elements away it will die.  
If you ever try doing sap fires make sure you use a nice long dry stick. When fire is lit don’t point it at others or wave it around on your stick. You need to be really careful.  Make sure you are facing the way that that the breeze is blowing the fire away from you. Don’t touch any other sap tree with it as sap is very flammable! Don’t chuck away your stick even if you think the fire is out because it will still be hot and could catch fire as the breeze blows. It is best to stick it in water , sand or mud. 
Remember don’t play with fire kids!! 


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