Term 3 Week 9

On Wednesday some of the pupils went skiing and snowboarding but sadly i didn’t but i know they all had lots of fun. while they were skiing the rest of us stayed at school and had lots of fun with miss V. we got these really cool bowls and we got a wood stick and rolled it around the bowl and it made a noise but then we put water in the bowl and it vibrated and made ripples in the water!

On Wednesday as well we had these people called Robby and Lucy come in and they did a series of stretches and we also lifted a big log together with no talking, it was really fun we are hoping to film a movie soon! (the movie is called forest village)

On Thursday we did writing and we wrote a news paper report on either skiing or the forest village project. I did the forest village because i did not do skiing. it was really cool to do.

By Imogen


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