Learning about the Digestive system!

Today in class P6/7 learnt about the Digestive system and did a science activity involving it. We made our own digestive systems with all sorts of equipment and it was really fun but gross! We mixed a bunch of foods and liquids and it was so cool to see what it’s like. However the whole classroom smelt like bananas by the end of it.  Afterwards we wrote instructions on how to do it. Here are my instructions and some photos too!

 The Digestive system

Step by step

      You will need:

  • A bowl / Tub
  • A fork
  • A plastic zip lock bag
  • ½ a banana
  • 2 crackers
  • ¼  a cup of water
  • ½ a cup of orange juice
  • Tights 
  • Paper towels 
  • Scissors 
  • News paper     


  1. First of all  get your bowl / tub.  The bowl represents your mouth.
  2.  Put some newspaper underneath your bowl to catch any mess.
  3.  Next peel your ½ banana  and place it in the bowl along with the cracker.   
  4. Then put small amounts of water in your mixture at a time. The water symbolizes your saliva which makes the food into mush. 
  5. Now start mushing your mixture altogether with a fork. The fork represents your teeth chewing the food.
  6. Then get your zip lock bag and transfer your mixture into the bag.
  7. After that get your Orange juice and pour it into the bag alongside your mixture. The orange juice represents the acid in your stomach that breaks the food            down then turns that into a liquid called chime.
  8. Now mush the mixture and combine it all together and break down the crackers.
  9. Now get your tights and cut a leg ( the tights will contain your mixture).
  10. Hold your tights over your bowl and cut a small corner in your zip lock bag.
  11. Transfer your wet mixture into the tights ( liquid shall come out while pouring so make sure to hold the tights over the bowl while doing this step).
  12. Now squeeze your mixture to take out all the remaining liquid. This represents    your small intestine which takes out all your nutrients where they go to your bloodstream.
  13. Drain the remaining liquid from the tights using paper towels.  This represents the large intestine, which absorbs any remaining nutrients and liquid.
  14. Now cut a hole at the end of the tights and out comes your mixture that creates faeces. This symbolises when you go to the toilet.

                        By Heidi M



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