Fantastic Forest Trip

This afternoon P6/7 joined Sarah and Sarah from the RSPB for a trip to the local woods as part of our Forests topic.  After a quick picnic, the pupils went exploring to find evidence of wildlife around them, and found some fantastic examples including nibbled pine cones and mushrooms, spider-webs, feathers, burrowing-patterns in rotten wood, wood-pecker holes and of course, some poop! (some of which was probably badger, while another lot was either deer or hare).

We then got to see some specimens which Sarah had brought along, of various feathers, footprints, pellets and droppings from different forest creatures.  As we were leaving to come back to school, we saw a beautiful roe deer just in front of us on the path.

We would all like to say a huge thank you to Sarah and Sarah for a super wee trip!


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