Our School Week by Daisy

On Monday we had P.E in the morning,  maths until lunch and reading in the afternoon.

On Tuesday we did  splattery paintings of trees and it got very messy, we did maths until lunch again and afterwards we had reading and hurricane half hour.

On Wednesday  the P6s went away to Lagganlia and a lady came in to tell the p7s about volunteering, so now we are going to be running a Dance Club and a Lego Club, and we had maths and reading again.

On Thursday we did shaded drawing which turned out really nice, we also did a lot on our Chromebooks and using connectives and  up levelling  writing .

This Friday we had assembly and Ellie and Eddie got certificates. We also did our basic facts and not many people passed. We also played rounders and it was a tie. We also had golden time and homework share.



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