Sentence Up-levelling

This morning P7 were learning to ‘up-level’ sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs and extra information to make them more interesting.  Here are some of the sentences we up-levelled:


Original sentence: ‘A policeman arrived.’

A jolly policeman arrived mysteriously.

An angry policeman stormed loudly through the station.

An angry policeman stormed around the station quickly, waiting for the suspect to come.


Original sentence: ‘A light flashed.’

A bright light flashed quickly.

A blinding beam of light flashed violently through the misty trees. 

A huge white light flashed fiercely in the forest, warding off strangers.


Original sentence: ‘A man shouted.’

A strange man screamed vigorously.  

A strange man yelled loudly as he fell over.

A strange man shouted loudly as he fell on his face, while getting struck by lightning!   


Original sentence: ‘A lion roared.’

The fierce lion roared ferociously.

The gargantuan lion roared ferociously while scoffing his scrumptious prey.

A scary lion roared fiercely in the plains of Africa, to frighten off tourists.  


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