TV Stars and TV Stars – Part 2

The second part of our amazing day of film-making was with the BBC Spring watch team.  The presenters Chris and Michaela took us out to the woods behind the school where the pupils were split into two teams.  Michaela’s team went off to write some nature poetry, while Chris took his group to look for creepy crawlies.  Both presenters were fantastic with the children, and the pupils themselves were all absolute stars!  We’re not sure yet when the film will be shown on Spring watch, but will let you know as soon as we find out!

Here are what P6/7 had to say about their afternoon working with Chris and Michaela:

Sophie: The best bit about the after noon was when i got a big fright from a crane fly

Gregor : I did poetry in the afternoon i enjoyed it because we wrote acrostic poems with springwatch.

Abbie: As for the spring watch stuff i liked it when i found my lady bug because it had white spots.     

Daisy: When the Spring watch people came I was very excited my favorite part was writing the poems and I felt like I learnt that  you have to repeat a lot of the time when filming.

Emily: In the afternoon we wrote some poems with Michaela we had to do lots of takes.THANKS SPRING WATCH TEAM!!

Heidi: When the Spring watch team came for the filming with us it was cool to experience all the behind the scenes and retakes but when we went into the woods to do the poetry it was amazing to see all the beautiful nature and scenery around our forest

Ellie:  In the afternoon was it was fun being in the woods for the poems.

Rosie: When spring watch came into school we went into two different groups one with Chris and one with Michaela. I was in the one with Chris and we went looking for invertibrates (bugs) and I thought it was really fun.

Imogen: I had a brilliant time with the spring watch and i was with Michaela writing a poem and we did a lot of filming.

Willow: I enjoyed it when the BBC came in because i liked seeing the presenters and finding bugs with Chris. It was really fun learning about all the types of bugs we found in the woods and looking at them through the magnifying box we caught them in. overall I had a  brilliant time and would definitely do it again if I had the chance.

Eddie: I enjoyed hunting for invertebrates.

Linnea: I really liked looking for invertebrates.

Finlay: In the afternoon with spring watch it was fun being in front of the camera and knowing that soon you would be on TV.


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TV Stars and TV Stars – Part 1!

Yesterday, P6/7 had a fantastic day working with not one, but two BBC crews.  In the morning, we were lucky enough to have an outreach team from BBC Scotland’s LAB project, who were here to teach the pupils about programme-making.  The children learnt to use cameras, sound equipment and to be directors, presenters and interviewers.  They used the skills they had learnt to make a short programme showcasing the nature in and around our school grounds, and an interview which some of the pupils filmed with the Springwatch presenters Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan.   This film will be shown on the BBC LAB website.

Here are what the kids had to say about their morning of film-making:

Sophie: I enjoyed working the camera in the morning because i really want to be a photographer .

Gregor: I enjoyed the morning because i got to be a presenter and work with a camera and being part of a team

Abbie: I liked doing the sound because when you had the headphones on you could hear every single little noise and it was really cool.

Emily: I enjoyed working with the BBC filming team I really enjoyed working when we did the filming at the pond.

Daisy: I enjoyed the the BBC coming and doing the filming was my favorite part i learnt how to do things with the camera.

Heidi: In the morning I enjoyed the experience of the camera work with BBC and all the buttons and cords used in the making of cartoons and all sorts of videos they get to film and observe.

Ellie: My best part was using the camera.

Rosie: I had a brilliant time yesterday when me and Abbie got to interview Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan.

Rocco: I liked learning how to use the camera. And i liked being the director  of the interview

Imogen: My favourite part of the BBC crew was being the presenters with Gregor. It was really fun but overall it was an amazing experience.

Eddie: I enjoyed the morning because I got to learn how to use the camera and interview Chris and Michaela

Linnea:  My favourite part was doing the sound for the Interview.

Finlay: In the morning with bbc it was fun learning how to work all the camera stuff and sound stuff.

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P6/7 week by Emily

On Monday the class did p.e with Mrs Bootle and played rounders and did reading and maths.

On Tuesday I took my violin lesson and did  reading and maths we learnt about the water cycle.

On Wednesday we did shot -put willow was the best, and we did reading and maths.

On Thursday we had assembly, we also did writing, maths and art.

On Friday we did a pond dipping and out door activity and I wrote the blog!

By Emily