World War II Films

Today P6/7 turned the classroom into a 1940’s cinema to show the other classes the World War II public information films we have been making over the last couple of weeks.  The films have involved a huge amount of work, from learning about persuasive writing techniques, writing the scripts, organising costumes, props and sets, filming the scenes then editing and putting together the finished films. The pupils can be really proud of the finished films, they are fantastic!  I have shared a file with all the films (and the outtakes!) to the P6/7’s chromebooks so they can share their work with everyone at home.

Today P6/7 became the ticket collectors, ushers and popcorn providers for the audience, and some took the opportunity to get dressed up in their 1940’s costumes again. The audience seemed to enjoy the films, and they certainly enjoyed the tasty popcorn too!


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