Our time at Fort George By Sophie

On Tuesday we went to Fort George. First we had looked at the old things from the museum then we had a tour around the battlements with Mr Cain. When we came back from Fort George we had a talk about what we learnt and our favourite things about the trip.  Today we have all written them on our chrome books and here they are:


My favourite thing about fort George  was how a lighter saved a man’s life because

the bullet hit the lighter instead of the man and it was so cool.

I learnt that in the gas masks their is Asbestos and they were really hard to breath in. 



My favourite bit of our trip to fort George was expecting it to be not nice and rainy and it turning out to be beautiful and sunny.

Something cool that i learnt at fort George was that in the room that they kept gunpowder the floorboards where held down with wooden pegs instead of metal nails because their boots had metal bits on them, and if the metal on their boots hit the metal nails it could spark and set everything alight.



My favourite thing about fort George was going to the museum and seeing the old letter box that used to be Hitler’s old box.  I learnt that the Victorian cross was so small.



My favourite thing was the museum. and what I learnt was that the katakana  was used in ww2 and we still use it now



My favourite thing about fort George was going outside to see the battlements.

I learnt about the medals and how interesting it is.



My favourite part of fort George was when we were looking at the cannonballs.

I learnt that the gas masks are different to our gas masks.   



My favourite bit was having the tour around castle.The most interesting thing was finding out that the commander did not have a rifle and he only had a revolver.



My favourite part of the trip was looking at the cannons on the battlements.

The most interesting thing was that the Victorian cross  was very small and looked quite simple because it is supposed to mean that anyone can win one.



My favourite thing at fort George was the  part when we got to look out of the canons because they were very interesting.

I learnt that the gas were really uncomfortable for all the kids and they had asbestos in them which can make you very ill  



My favourite part was going inside the lookout posts and seeing all the things people have engraved in there. I learnt how heavy it must have been for the soldiers to carry rifles about all day!



My favourite part of going on the school trip to Fort George was looking at the Nazi flag in the  museum, and what I learned was that a  fire lighter saved a soldier’s life from a bullet and that the bullet is still stuck in the fire lighter.



My favourite bit was when we got to put on gas masks and hold a rifle

The bit i learnt about ww2 at fort George was that the Americans had a semi-automatic rifle



My favourite part of the Fort George trip was seeing all the old artefacts and buildings that had been there for years and years. My favourite thing I learnt was that you can shot 50 bullets out of a rifle in 60 seconds



My favourite thing at Fort George trip was when we got to hold the exhibits and I learnt that the Scottish soldiers uses to roll up there kilts and put the army trousers on and in battle they would take off there trousers and roll down the kilts.





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