Review of the Week

Monday: On Monday we had our Mandarin teacher Mr Mo come in for our lesson and we learnt more about sports in China and we did some team games to guess what the sport was. Before break we had  Heather (A dance teacher) come in and teach us Ballet and Hip-Hop it was lots of fun. After lunch we carried on with our WW2 films that we are trying to finish.

Tuesday: On Tuesday we started presenting on our personal projects that we had been working on for months and I think they were all very good and interesting. And then later on in the day we did some maths work on time and it was quite hard but we all had fun. After lunch we did some more work on our WW2 films and then we finished the day with some of our class novel.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we had to get through more of the personal projects and again they were very good. Later on in the day we had our RME and we did some powdered paint work and that was for the festival Holi. After RME we went to go do PE and at the moment our topic in PE is High-Jump.

Thursday: On Thursday once again we did the final 5 personal projects and later we managed to finish making 2 movies!!! and to calm the day down a bit we finished off our class novel. Later on in the afternoon we did some maths work on time. Unfortunately we had to do some Key assessment tasks to end the day which our class do not particularly like.

Friday: On Friday we started the day off with editing some more of the movies and got another one finished which we where happy about. Afterwards we did some spelling tests and basic facts tests which we try to do every week. After playtime  we started our maths groups work and then we did some homework share which brought us to surprise with all the interesting things people brought in. After all of those tasks what everyone waits for is golden time and that was a fun time to finish the day.


By Rosie and Heidi 🙂


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