fun week

On Monday we did some reading and Maths. In reading i was reading a new book called War Horse it is a really good book so far because i really like horses and the mane character is a horse called Joey. In maths i learnt how to convert a mixed number into a improper fraction with Mr Cain.

On Tuesday we did some PE with our teacher. In PE we did some dodge ball and bench ball mixed and it was so much fun and we also did some rounders we got 12 runs but sadly the other team won.

On Wednesday we did some skiing and snowboarding. I did the snowboarding and it was so much fun. It was my first time doing snowboarding.

On Thursday we did some of our movie making and we did some planting of some trees we got by the new fence that just got built in our school play ground. We planted over 40 trees. We have been doing our movies for a while now and we have just started filming them. They are about world war 2 things like women’s land army that’s what ours is about. I am doing mine with Daisy and Emily.

On Friday we did lots of stuff like spelling test,basic facts test,homework share and GOLDEN TIME!!! In homework share i brought in some old world war 2 letters because our topic is world war 2.

by Imogen Mackillop


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