How to make an electric model car by Heidi

We had a lot of fun making these and hope you have fun making these as well.

How to Build an Electric Car

The stuff you will need:

Square wood for the structure of your car
Wooden dowel rods
4 wooden wheels
A mini saw
Saw board
Corrugated plastic
Cardboard triangles green+grey
Elastic bands


Electrical wires
A motor
Batteries holder
Electrical switch (Cork and 2 pins and a paperclip)

Tools and Equipment

A pencil and ruler
A mini saw
Wire strippers (To cut excess wire)
Paint brush and poster paint
Duck tape or normal tape
A glue gun or a glue stick

How to make

  • Make a design of your choice
  • Gather the measurements
  • Collect your squared wood and mini saw
  • Cut the rods and squared wood to the right measurements
  • Stick your coloured triangles and put the green triangles in the corners and the grey on the bottom
  • Push the axel through the grey triangles and push the wheels on to the axle
  • Cut the corrugated plastic for the base of your car and stick to the frame
  • On the corrugated plastic you will need a hole for a pulley to fit in cut the hole with a craft knife
  • After the hole is fitted you grab a pulley and a screwdriver and make a hole for the axle to fit in the pulleys hole
  • Now we will haft to make our electrical switch for the vehicle to move
    Get your 2 pins and stick them in the cork then grab your paper clip and connect that on to a pin
  • Attach your wires to the batteries the circuit and the cork
  • Stick the circuit on to the base of your car with some tape
  • After the electrical things are finished you will make your net
  • Draw your car on to some card but before sticking it together decorate it to your choice
  • After decorating your car you will stick it all together and on to the frame of your car
  • You will need to cut a hole that you can turn your motor on to work

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