Fuzz and the Glass Eye by Emilia

I am writing about the book called Fuzz and the Glass Eye, written by Elizabeth Pulford. A interesting and good book and i am going to tell you all about it.

There is this boy named Mark and his neighbor named Mr Pedosky that lost his eye in the war. Mark goes on Friday to get some chicken and chips. When Mark was going back, Marks friend jump scared him and the chicken and chips fell on the ground and Mark and his friend fell too. Mark herd and felt something on his back,it was a cat called Fuzz. Mark picks up the chicken and chips and starts going home,and fuzz follows Mark home. When Mark got home, the cat went crazy. Marks mom dose not like cats at all. When the cat went, Mr Pedosky told Mark a story about his glass eye.After that mum said to go and look for Mr Pedoskys glass eye.When they went the door was open,Fuzz was in there and found Mr Pedoskys eye. And that was the end.

I really enjoyed this book especially Fuzz, the book was really interesting and i would give it 9/10.


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