Book Review of The ugh Factor by Finlay

This is my book review of the ugh factor.This is a fiction book written by Julia Golding and illustrated by Euan Cook.

It is about a band the names of the kids are Anji,Tris,Dan,Leo and their dog Bones.One of their mums wants them to enter a competition called star makers .But they don’t want to  so their mum says that if they audition for the show they can go to a festival.

So the band goes to the audition but don’t want to win so they play like their cute and call the band the cutie pies.At the audition they wear pink jumpers with rainbows and unicorns and fluffy kittens . When the band goes to the audition they get through to the show and go on TV.

When they go on TV and play music they play the same as last time.they win because the public voted for them and the juges liked them to and went through to the final.

AT the final they play rock music and win but one of the juges does not like it but the public vote for them and they win.

When i first started reading this book i did not like it. But when i read further on in book i realy liked it. At the start i thought it was quite boring. For rating i would give it 8 out of 10.



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