My book review of Awful Auntie by Imogen

This is my book review of Awful Auntie written by David Williams. This is an exciting and thrilling book.The main characters are Stella,Awful Auntie (Alberta) and Soot.

In Awful Auntie there is a girl called Stella and she lives with her awful auntie, Alberta, because Stella’s mum and dad died in a car crash.  Stella was in the car but survived but had broken all her bones and was in a coma, well that was what her auntie said.  Stella lived in a big beautiful house that was called Saxby Hall.  As Stella is wrapped up like a mummy, her first mission is to get out of the bandages as she wriggles and wriggles she finally gets out.  While she is trying to escape her aunty and her pet Bavarian owl Wagner catch her and locks her down in the dark dungeons of Saxby Hall.  Every now and then Stella’s auntie comes down and checks on her.

While Stella is in the dungeon she sees a bright light and a ghost appears.  The ghost is called Soot, who was a chimney sweep but died while doing it.   Stella and Soot found a way out and started to pull nasty pranks on aunty Alberta.  But Stella is going to turn 13 and wont be a child so soon Soot will start to fade away but he helps Stella escape and he will always be in her heart.

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars, because I loved the book, it is probably my favourite book of all times. I loved the characters and how Stella and soot are still friends even tho she cant see him.

I would recommend this book for 8 to 11 year olds, because it is not quite babyish and something a 12-13 year old would read, so it is in the middle of both of them.





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