My Book Review By Sophie

This is my book review of Girl Online written by Zoe Sugg. I have been reading this book at home. This book is about a fictional character called Penny who is 15 years old and is  learning to become a photographer.

Penny lives in Brighton with  her mum who is a wedding designer. A lovely couple from New York ask Penny’s mum if she could do a wedding in New York. Penny goes to New York with her mum she meets a famous singer called Noah but Penny does  not know he’s famous.

They get along really well and Noah’s Granny Sandy Lee invites Penny and her mum over for Christmas. Noah has a little sister called Bella.  The reason Noah and Bella live with their Granny  is because Noah’s parents died in a car crash.  That reminds Penny of the time when she was in a car accident now she always has  panic attack ‘s every time she’s in a moving vehicle. Her best friend Elliot came up with a character who is brave and strong so Penny thinks of a character called Ocean Strong she  helps her through a lot.

I have enjoyed this book so much and I would definitely recommend this book.  I liked that it had a lot of drama but it was also very funny.  I would give this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it is very interesting  and will keep you wondering  what is going happen next.

The age rating i think is 10 to 15 because it has quite hard words and it is quite hard to understand.

By Sophie


2 thoughts on “My Book Review By Sophie”

  1. Wow Sophie you really described the characters and the storyline well. I really want to read Girl Online now thanks.
    By Rosie


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