Captain Fearbeard and the Mummy’s Baby by Heidi

Illustrated by Alex Paterson written by Ciaran Murtagh

In this story it is about a man named Captain Fearbeard and his cabin boy Sam Lickspittle  who is an orphan. Fearbeard adopted Sam and goes on many adventures. They find a Sarcophagus and inside they find a cursed Mummy looking for her long lost baby that she had been searching for many years.  She had deep red eyes and she kills whoever gets in her way but Sam thinks of a plan. They wrap Fearbeard up in many rolls of  toilet tissue and he pretends to be her baby. The next day she continues back into her sarcophagus and they drag her back to the tomb were she belongs.

I really enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to reading some more. I Also  want to read some more books like this in the future. It had amazing description and outstanding Punctuation. I give it 8/10.

I recommend it to lots of people.


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