Captain Fearbeard And The Mummy’s Baby by Ellie

This is a book review of one of the stories in Captain Fearbeard. I am doing one on Captain Fearbeard and the Mummys Baby. The book is illustrated by Alex Paterson and written by Ciaran Murtagh. The illustrations are funny and good. The characters are a fat silly person called Captain Fearbeard and his long suffering sidekick Sam. Sam is clever.

The summary is they are on the Nile and they go in to a pyramid that is cursed. Inside Captain Fearbeard pulls a lever and a massive rock comes down the tunnel in the pyramid. They run into a room with no way out. They see a lever and pull it they see a room full of gold and a sarcophagus that ways loads. Sam had to pull it out back to the ship. the mummy comes to life every full moon and it was a full moon that night. the mummy tries to find her baby so Sam wraps up Captain Fearbeard in loo roll so the mummy thought that Captain Fearbeard was her baby. She goes back into her sarcophagus.

I enjoyed the funny things in it and the sillyness of Captain Fearbeard. I had no dislikes about it and the cartoons were good. It was funny and his descriptions were great.

By Ellie


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