Book review of The Adventures of Captain Fearbeard by Eddie.

Captain Fearbeard was written by Ciaran  Murtagh and illustrated by Alex Paterson.  The carachters  are jolly old fear beard and over worked cabin boy Sam. There are three stories in this book and I am going to tell you about the first one,  the mummy’s baby.

Fearbeard and Sam go in to a pyramid and find a sarcophagus, bring it on board the H.M.S Albatros which is Fearbeards ships name. But what they didn’t know was the sarcophagus had a live mummy looking for its baby every full moon. When the mummy came alive Sam wrapped fearbeard up and the mummy went back in the pyramid.

After reading this you might want to read  this book  because its funny and good for 8/11 year old people.


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