Our Fantastic Week!

Monday: On Monday we had a new Mandarin teacher come in called Mr Mo.  We learnt some words and played some games. Afterwards we had a Gaelic  Teacher come in her name was Sandra  we learnt  head shoulders knees and toes and learnt what some of our class mates names were in Gaelic. At the end of the day we did some Netball its was loads of fun.

Tuesday: In the morning we did some connectives work and after that we did some symmetry work in maths.   In the afternoon we did some Energy work on how there can be more than one type of energy example light bulb car and mobile phones etc.

Wednesday: To start the day off we did some reading and some task cards for spare time. Later on we did some literacy and we did three stories and when we had to do a sentence and finish it with a connective and then the person next to you had to finish it off. for Gym we did the same as Monday, Netball.

Thursday: In the morning we did some reading  and some questions about a book.  After playtime we did some song  practise for our christmas show. After lunch we did some writing to Abernethy Trust saying thank you for our outdoor classroom day we had so much fun and it made us work in a team.

Friday: Today we started off by doing our assembly which is where you get golden tickets over the week and  at the end after certificates we do the drum role for the winner of the golden bag – today Linnea won!. Afterwards we did our spelling tests they were not fun. After play time our class mate named Gregor showed some pictures of his holiday to New Zealand and some of his little souvenirs. Afterwards we did some basic facts test which are math sums which you have to do in a minute to finish off the day we had some golden time and that was our amazing week


By Sophie and Heidi 😀



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