Our Exciting Week!

P6/7 have had a cool week and we are going to tell you about some of the things we did, enjoyed and want to do again soon!

On Monday we started the week by  doing some really fun tin whistle and  it was our last session,  (sadly) later on that day it was bad weather outside so we did uni-hock for PE inside.

The next day (Tuesday) we started off by doing reading, some fun angles in maths and we all presented our ‘How I Stay Healthy’ projects where we all did a project to present to the class explaining how we stay healthy.

On Wednesday we had a lady called Sarah who is from RSPB  who we played some fun games with about ospreys and osprey migration. Later on that day we did some ukulele  practice to prepare for showing P1-3 next week, soon after that we did some foot ball in PE (nice).

The day after we did our writing assessments  (which wasn’t the best thing to start the day with)  then we played some Swedish dodge-ball  (which Emily cashed  in dojos for) then we played around the world (fruit/veg edition)  Heidi, me won!

Today we started  with assembly then we did our spelling and basic facts tests.


By Abbie and Heidi 🙂




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