Our Weekly Reveiw in P6/7

This Week….

….On Monday Charlie came in to teach us tin whistle. We played games and learnt songs. We even broke Grantown Primary’s record with a stand up sit down game whilst playing the tin whistle at the same time as fast as we could!

On Tuesday we carried on making our African masks and started our drumming rhythms and our dance moves. We split into three groups and practiced in the hall.

On Wednesday we had football in P.E. We had lots of fun learning how to dribble, pass and shoot. At the end we split into two teams and found out how to get into good positions in a big game.So at the end we had a big game! We were exhausted after it.

Thursday was the big day for the whole school because it was parents Assembly. we had been practicing for a week and a half. We were all very nervous but we thought it went well. Some of us couldn’t see out of our masks very well so it was difficult to dance and drum.

On Friday Kirsty came in to teach us snowboarding and to see if we want to come to snowboarding lessons with her. It was very good fun. After that we went to the nursery to watch a video that they had made. It was funny and was amazing to see how much they have done!

By Willow and Rosie


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