P6/7 Week

This week p6/7 have had a very fun and a very productive week, including outdoor activities and school visits.

On Monday we had a usual start to the day with an energizing daily mile, quickly followed by reading and maths. After this we had a P.E. lesson where we practiced discus.

On Tuesday Miss Xaing came to the class to do Mandarin with us where we learned about Chinese lanterns and also had the opportunity to make them ourselves.

On Wednesday it was a usual day until after lunch when we had French where we learned about french fruits and colours. After this we had P.E. where the boys were measured for discus and the girls were playing a short game of cricket.

Thursday was probably the most action packed day of the week, filled with fun activities. The first thing we did on Thursday was a space base brought to the school by Generation Science which was a fun way to start the day,. They talked about our solar system and what the wonders are within it. After lunch Abernethy Trust came to the school to do some fun activities with us such as an obstacle course and other activities.

On Friday we had assembly where we gave out awards from the week. After this we had spelling and basic facts tests where we celebrated some successful passes. After lunch we finished maths and tidied the classroom and to end the day on a good note we had Golden Time.

By Avia P7


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