Fun at the Osprey Centre

Today P6/7 enjoyed a great day out at the RSPB Osprey Centre, a day ahead of the centre opening to the public.

The pupils were given the task of creating an activity trail along the track to the centre, giving children who are visiting the centre a range of challenges to entertain them on their walk. The pupils came up with a great variety of activities, without any adult input, then wrote their instructions on boards which are now displayed along the trail.

Afterwards the children got to feed some of the wild birds straight from their hands, and then we’re able to get some great views of EJ the Osprey sitting on her tree.

The children were all given free family passes to the Osprey Centre which are valid for the Easter holidays so they can all take their families along to see the trail they’ve created.

I’d like to wish all pupils and parents a very happy Easter and a well-earned break!

Mr Cain


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