P6/7’s Busy , Busy week by Ella and Willow

This week p6/7 have been making models of some planets and stars in our solar sytem and beyond. Willow’s group have been making Betelgeuse which is a type of star.  Another group have been making Neptune out of baloons and papier mache , it was very ,very MESSY!  One of the groups are making an ISS model, they have nearly finished making the solar panels.

Robyn and Alisdair are the judgers of the JRSO compotition , at assembly today they anounced the winners, the winners from p6/7 were willow 1st, olly 2nd, rosa 3rd.

Although it has been a busy week , we still have  managed to  have  fun!

by Willow and Ella

Thank you for reading our blog post !





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