Welcome Back!

Well the holidays are over and it has been great to see everyone back and raring(?) to go!

Voluntary Action

Yesterday we had a visit from Katherine Talbot-Heigh and Mairi Brown from Voluntary Action in Badenoch and Strathspey.  They spoke to the pupils about volunteering and introduced the Young Volunteers Awards.  The pupils will be looking for opportunities to volunteer at home and in the community to build up the hours required to earn these awards.


Today our Mandarin teacher, Miss Zhang, was showing the pupils some IT packages which can be used to help with learning Mandarin at home.  One was an app called HelloChinese, while the other was a website called À Tantôt, which can be accessed on the link below:

A Tantot – Mandarin

The username is ggs and the password is 2008.



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