Abernethy Christmas Craft Fayre

Abernethy primary school decided to fundraise for their school by putting together a fabulous ‘Christmas Craft Fayre’. Each individual class created something unique and amazing. There were also many other stalls which people came to help fundraise for the school, altogether the school raised over £350. We are very thankful for all of the people who attended or signed up to tend a stall.

All of the classes made a great job of their arts and crafts and each item was unique.

Primary 1/2/3 made some adorable calendars using their fantastic finger painting skills.

Primary 4/5 created some very handy reindeer hot chocolate bags { delicious }.

Primary 6/7 made some very creative snowflake decorations made out of pegs and glitter. They also made some very relaxing  bath-salts.

The Nursery made some very cute christmas tree decorations with sequins and glitter to decorate.

Every class made a fantastic job and the school are very happy with the outcome.  We thank everyone who attended the fayre.

By Avia P7


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